Partial and total ozone column measurements at Lauder (45S, 170E) from FTIR, Dobson, UV2, lidar, ozonesonde, microwave radiometer

This data set contains netCDF files of the total and partial columns of FTIR, Dobson, UV2, lidar, ozonesonde, and microwave radiometer observations. They represent measurement coincidences of each measurement with FTIR taken within a specific time window (specified in the description of each file). The technique for the creation of the measurement pairs of the total and partial columns is explained in the following publication:

Intercomparison of long-term ground-based measurements of tropospheric and stratospheric ozone at Lauder, New Zealand (45S) Robin Björklund, Corinne Vigouroux, Peter Effertz, Omaira Garcia, Alex Geddes, James Hannigan, Koji Miyagawa, Michael Kotkamp, Bavo Langerock, Gerald Nedoluha, Ivan Ortega, Irina Petropavlovskikh, Deniz Poyraz, Richard Querel, John Robinson, Hisako Shiona, Dan Smale, Penny Smale, Roeland Van Malderen, and Martine De Mazière.

The files contain the corresponding measurement times as well as the column density values for both FTIR and the measurement that is considered simultaneously. These are either total column values (file name contains 'TC') or partial column values (file name contains 'PC'). For the Umkehr, microwave radiometer, lidar, and ozonesonde measurements the profiles have been regridded, smoothed, and substituted with another prior (when relevant), where all these steps are included in the variables of the partial columns.

In the bias and drift analysis Björklund et al. 2024 use:

FTIR vs lidar

FTIR_measurement_pc_X_on_FTIR vs LIDAR_measurement_smooth_with_FTIR_avk_pc_X_on_FTIR

FTIR vs Dobson

FTIR_column vs DOBSON_column


FTIR_column vs UV2_column


FTIR_measurement_pc_X_on_FTIR vs GB_with_FTIR_prior_smooth_with_FTIR_avk_pc_X_on_FTIR

FTIR vs ozonesonde

FTIR_measurement_pc_X_on_FTIR vs O3SONDE_measurement_smooth_with_FTIR_avk_pc_X_on_FTIR

FTIR vs Umkehr

FTIR_measurement_smooth_with_UMKEHR_avk_pc_X_on_UMKEHR vs UMKEHR_with_FTIR_prior_pc_X_on_UMKEHR

In the variable names the X represents the number of the different partial columns as specified in the description of the files separately.

Source locations for individual datasets

Information about each data set can be found at their individual source location: Current public data for the FTIR, lidar, MWR, and Umkehr can be found at NDACC. The FTIR data will be updated here with the new strategy explained in the Bjorklund et al. 2024. NOAA Dobson Total Column Ozone measurements can also be found on the NOAA GML FTP website, at WOUDC. Likewise the Monthly Mean optimized/homogenized Umkher profiles can be found on the NOAA GML FTP.

Ozonesondes: The homogenized Lauder ozonesonde time series are available at the HEGIFTOM ftp-server.

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Björklund, R., Vigouroux, C., Effertz, P., Kotkamp, M., Langerock, B., Nedoluha, G., Ortega, I., Petropavlovskikh, I., Poyraz, D., Querel, R., Robinson, J., Shiona, H., Smale, D., Smale, P., Van Malderen, R., De Maziere, M., García, O., Geddes, A., Hannigan, J., & Miyagawa, K. (2024). Partial and total ozone column measurements at Lauder (45S, 170E) from FTIR, Dobson, UV2, lidar, ozonesonde, microwave radiometer (Version 1) [Data set]. Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy.
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Björklund, Robinorcid, Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy


Vigouroux, Corinneorcid, Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy; Effertz, Peterorcid, NOAA; Kotkamp, Michaelorcid, NIWA; Langerock, Bavoorcid, Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy; Nedoluha, Geraldorcid, Naval Research Labratory; Ortega, Ivanorcid, NCAR; Petropavlovskikh, Irinaorcid, NOAA; Poyraz, Denizorcid, KMI; Querel, Richardorcid, NIWA; Robinson, John, NIWA; Shiona, Hisako, NIWA; Smale, Danorcid, NIWA; Smale, Pennyorcid, NIWA; Van Malderen, Roelandorcid, KMI; De Maziere, Martineorcid, Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy; García, Omaira, IARC; Geddes, Alex, NIWA; Hannigan, Jamesorcid, NCAR; Miyagawa, Koji, NOAA;

Maintainer data-contact of Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

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The work to produce this data set has been supported by BIRA-IASB and is performed within the context of LOTUS and TOAR-II.

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